My Happiest Place on Earth

Welcome to my Happy Place! I’m so excited to share all my tips on making your visit to the Disney parks extra special.
What makes a Disneyland Insider? Besides the obvious, too-many-to-count visits to the parks? Now, of course my frequent visits do help, but it’s my love of Disneyland that makes me want to share it with all of you. I want you to have the most joyful, fulfilled visit ever!
Disneyland has been part of my life since I was 2 years old. I walked into the park for the very first time and have been in love ever since.
Even as a child growing up, I wanted to be an Imagineer, or dancer in the parades. If it meant I got to go to Disneyland everyday, I was in! Even to this day, if someone asked, “What is your dream job?” My answer would most definitely have the word “Disney” in it.
Disneyland is a place to run free, eat junk, stay up late, watch fireworks, and ride incredible rides.But I think my real love for Disneyland, came when I was an adult, 18 to be exact. That’s when I moved to Southern California to go to college. My parents, knowing how much I loved the parks, got me an Annual Pass.
Needless to say, going to college away from home can be lonely and challenging, but when it got to be too much, I would go to Disneyland on a Saturday night, watch the fireworks and feel like everything was right again. The lights, sounds and smells all became a notion of “home” and they would settle my nerves, cure my loneliness or just bring a big smile to my face when I needed it most.
Since college, I moved back to AZ, started my life and set off in a career, but Disneyland has always been there. A place I would find myself coming back to, over and over again.
Even when my husband and I started dating, going to Disneyland was part of my “test” to see if we were compatible. I said to myself, “If he doesn’t love it, it will never work.” Luckily for me, we went twice the first Holiday season we dated, and we’ve been enjoying the parks together ever since.
Now, we’ve made it back to Southern California and back to being Annual Passholders. Yes! It was, of course, the first thing I purchased when I found out we were moving.
We’ve gone to the parks so many times for day trips or just to pop in for the fireworks on a date night. It truly has become our happy place and we hope someday, we can share it with my own children.
But for now, I’m going to give you a peek into all of the learnings and tips I’ve gathered over dozens of visits; so, hopefully, you can enjoy your time just a little bit more.
My wish is that you keep coming back, keep making memories; and, that someday, you will walk into the park, take in a deep breath and feel like you’re at YOUR Happiest Place on Earth.

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