Be Our Guest!: We Reveal the Beauties and the Beasts of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Celebration at Disneyland

With deepesimg_1152t pride and greatest pleasure, we stopped by Disneyland on a rainy day to check out the celebration of the upcoming premier of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. Disneyland, for a limited time, has brought the movie to life in both Fantasyland and California Adventure and there’s something for all ages to enjoy!

Be our guest as we stroll through Belle’s french village in Fantasyland and walk the red carpet at Hollywood Studios, that we hope will leave you excited to see the movie!

We tried the Gray Stuff…and it WAS delicious! 

Fantasyland’s Village Haus Tavern has been transformed to a quaint French taverne, aptly named the Red Rose Tavern. The outside of the restaurant is perfectly fitted to transport you to Belle’s village; and, the additional interior decorations really keep the experience throughout the ordering and dining experience.

French-themed cuisine is highlighted, but there is definitely something for everyone to try!  Here’s the menu; and, as you can see, there are sandwiches, salads, flatbreads, vegetarian options; as well as, some more adventurous French-themed dishes, like the Slow-Cooked Beef Poutine.

img_1153We tried the Beast’s Burger with french fries and the Classic Angus Cheeseburger with french fries. The Beast’s Burger was delicious! The Horseradish Aioli was just amazing on the burger; and, as a dipping sauce for the fries. The Cheeseburger was also very good and had the makings of a classic hamburger you might find at other Disneyland eateries. Now, the french fries….if you like garlic, you are in luck! There’s fresh garlic on top of the fries. Tip: If you don’t care for garlic, then you will want to ask for the them to leave the garlic off the french fries. It is a considerable amount so the garlic is the main taste of the french fries. So, again…if you love garlic, like Belle loves books, GREAT!


Now, for drinks and desserts! We definitely had to try Gaston’s Brew. This is an apple-mango punch with a passion fruit foam. It absolutely looks like the real thing! As for the taste…we are sad to say, it wasn’t our favorite. The flavor combinations seemed a little off and the thickness was definitely odd. But, don’t take our word for it…try it and let us know what you think!

For dessert, we tried the Gray Stuff and it WAS delicious! Don’t believe us? Well, you can ask the dishes but we think they would agree! It’s chocolate mousse (that looks more like Cookie’s N’ Cream), filled with red velvet cake and a raspberry filling. First, it’s definitely gray! And, second, it AMAZING! Sadly, the Lemon Cake was sold out by the time we got up to the cashier but we’ve heard great things, and we can’t wait to try it the next time we visit!


Along with the lemon cake, the coveted Rose Tumbler and Gaston’s Stein were sold out! The cast member we spoke to said they’ll be getting more this week for those of you looking to grab one of these collector’s items. The cast member also said they sell out fast during the day, so get in line early and maybe plan your meals around an early lunch!

Royal Reception: A Quaint Shopper’s Delight

After lunch, we stopped by next door to the Royal Reception, an official “Beauty and the Beast” souvenir shop. It’s definitely fun to stop in and take a look. Tip: The shop IS quite small; and, there are similar items in other, larger shops in Disneyland, if you’re looking for more of a selection. However, it’s not a very obvious store front so the shop is quaint and quiet, if you’re looking to browse in a more peaceful setting.

Here’s a preview; and, of course, we didn’t leave without goodies! We got the cute gray sweatshirt in the picture below! Tip: We find the sizing to run small with Women’s Disney apparel, so we definitely suggest trying things on and going up one size.

Lunch and a Show!: Royal Theatre

After shopping, we made a showing of “Beauty and the Beast” at the Royal Theatre. The show’s a two-man narration, by Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, and it’s fun for all ages! The kids are able to sit up close and participate, which is great; but, the humor definitely serves the adult Mouse-fan as well. It’s a witty narration of the fairytale, and the audience participation makes the performances “can’t miss” fun.

The Grand Finale: The Sneak Peek at Hollywood Studios

We definitely saved the best for last! This sneak peek preview blew us away from the moment we walked into the theater, until the moment it ended. The preview is 8 minutes long and runs continuously throughout the day at California Adventure’s Sunset Showcase Theater. It’s a 3D show with visual and in-theater effects. The 8 minutes is jam-packed and will give you chills. The lobby, as you wait, is also very beautiful and themed with authentic costumes and set pieces to “ooh and aah” over. The preview is available through March 26th, with the film released to theaters on March 17th. We can’t wait!

Overall, our visit to the Disneyland to commemorate the release of Disney’s live action “Beauty and the Beast” was well worth it! Despite the sold out items and disappointing Gaston’s Brew, it was an enchanting experience that we highly recommend. Let’s hope these unique, interactive experiences continue with future movie releases. It’s such a special treat when there’s attractions and experiences that, not only get you more excited about the movies, but give you even more magical moments at Disneyland!


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